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However, with the proliferation of licensure requirements, it appears as if to be of letters is the rule moderately than the exception. Gone are the times when schools and universities had been the one institutions bestowing letters, now the various legislatures and their legislatively created licensing agencies bestow letters for almost any license conceivable. Before long, I will be Peter M. Lopez, LPOMV (Licensed Professional Operator of a Motor Vehicle, certified by the State of Texas to drive my car).

Sadly, too many dad and mom let their children have unfettered access to the Internet, not realizing that pedophiles are utilizing Facebook and other sites to rope these poor little ones in. Parents, watch what your children are doing on-line. It’s not an invasion of privateness – it’s parental obligation! Chef Jeff, Things are hotting up in Europe vis-a-vis the banks. More government intervention has been mandatory in Germany and …